Versatile Blogger Award

A little while ago (back in July...) I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the wonderful Sarah of Lostvestige! I'm so glad that I've been able to get to know Sarah and get a view of her world. I am particularly fond of seeing her three cats, her garden, her beach outings, and guess what? She loves astronomy, too!

Part of being awarded this means I have to list seven facts about myself, and then award other bloggers to do the same. I'm going to change this part and say that if you're nominated by me, it's of course completely optional. However, if you want to participate and don't feel like writing a blog post about it, I would love to hear a few facts about yourself in my comments section, because getting to know other bloggers is a joy to me.

Seven Facts

1.) I suck at whistling. I think I might have succeeded once. Maybe? Maybe.

2.) When I was in high school I had a very strong cyperpunk goth phase. For example...

Too cool for school. I kind of miss my septum piercing...

3.) I started blogging over 15 years ago. My first blog was on Expages, and then I moved onto The Open Diary from there, then to Livejournal. I've been blogging on and off over that time, but I hope to continue this blog for years to come!

4.) I've never been that big on collecting certain things, but recently I've taken a big liking to minerals. I started a collection that I hope to share on my blog, soon.

5.) My fiance introduced me to the movie Evil Dead 2 a few months ago, and I am pretty sure that it made me laugh the hardest I have laughed in a long time. I had tears streaming down my cheeks. My abs hurt from laughter. Don't you love that kind of feeling? I do.

Image from this website.

6.) Before I found out I was pregnant, I had a dream that I had given birth to a baby girl. Then after I found out I was pregnant, I had a dream that I had a daughter with long, blonde hair. Then I found out that my baby was a girl a few weeks later. Now she is almost four years old and has long, blonde hair. I think there must be a valid reason for this, but it sure makes an interesting story.

Haha, suckers! It's actually Totoro in there! (Photoshop by my sister.)

7.) I've only ever had stitches in one place, and that's my right thumb. When I was 9, I tried to open up the lid to a tin can the completely wrong way, and my thumb was sliced open. There was blood all over the place (not in life-threatening amounts or anything). I remember being really scared and crying. My mom handled herself pretty well, from what I can remember.


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  1. Aww thanks for your sweet words! I totally did a similar thing with a can once when I was around the same age! I didn't need stitches but it came pretty darn close. I was outside when I did it and for whatever reason my first thought was to put my finger in the snow to stop the bleeding... It didn't work but I succeeded in making it look like a gory crime scene! That's really cool about your pregnancy dreams!

    1. Your story about your finger reminds me of the beginning to Snow White, and how her mom pricked her finger and a drop of blood fell into the snow. Except it sounds like you had a drop x 1000? Haha!

  2. RAINBOW TOTORO INFANT, now I actually want to have kids!

    1. YES! Tiny little Totoros all over the Planet!


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