365 Week 1: Days 2-7

Day 2
Say hello to Copper! I never formally introduced her on this blog, and for that I apologize, because she is all kinds of cute! We adopted her back in August. She's really mellow and snuggles like a pro! She also has long and curly hair, and for that her nickname is Roger Daltrey.

Day 3
I completely neglected my point and shoot camera this day, but I did take this picture of Lilah's creation. "I am StarGroot."

Day 4
Took a close-up shot of one of my recent drawings.
I've been having a difficult time getting back in drawing mode, so doing these freeform doodles really help.

Day 5
Lighting this candle with lavender oil after a particularly stressful day. This was the day that my car became unusable until further notice. I coped pretty well, though.

Day 6
It was such a beautiful day outside.

Day 7
Thanks to a BuzzFeed article, I found out that a bunch of old games were playable streaming online. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to imbibe a shot of vodka and kick The Oregon Trail's ass. I had never won that game before, and I came out with everyone alive! ALIVE!


  1. Aww Copper is so cute! Whaaa you can play Oregon trails online???


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