Happy New Year! Also, 365 Challenge!

My first contribution to this challenge: a photo of today's moon!

After reading several blogs in which they do a photo-a-day challenge, I've decided to take a shot at it for 2015. I already take several photos a day with my phone, but I've thought about it and the real challenge for me will be to use my actual camera. It's nothing fancy, just a point and shoot. It takes great pictures, though, and the macro capabilities are a nice option that I just don't have with my phone camera. Not to mention that it captures light way better, and I can actually zoom out enough to take decent pictures of the moon.

I look forward to doing this in the coming year, and I won't beat myself up if I miss a day. It's all about the experience!

Overall, I had a great New Year's Eve. I let Lilah stay up a few hours past her bedtime, and we built a pretty awesome train track set-up. After she went to sleep, my family and a few of my sister's friends came over. We proceeded to indulge in lots of mixed drinks while playing the Pirate version of the card game Munchkin. I had never played Munchkin before, but it was time I learned since Cameron's family got me the Zombie Munchkin game for Christmas.

Do you ever have a hard time catching on when it comes to how to play a game? I normally learn best through example or even doing it myself, but I was completely lost. It didn't help that I had had more than a few shots of delicious strawberry creme alcohol (I'm a lightweight and also hardly drink). I was pretty frustrated for my lack of understanding, but it was comforted by snack sized Kit-Kats and a great playlist that my sister made. (Everything from Jill Scott to Neil Sedaka was on there.) It ended up becoming a three hour game that last pasted midnight. I passed out sometime after that. Oh, and I also started playing Guild Wars 2! (But more on that later.)

Munchkin made more sense to me this morning when I was drinking coffee and reading the actual page of instructions. The drunken "house rules" version kind of left me in the dust. Now that I have a better understanding of how the game works, I will play the Zombie version next!

How did your New Year's Eve go?


  1. I feel like I should jump on the project 365 train, but I don't feel ready just yet. Haha. Maybe I'll start a quarter of the way through the year :) I am looking forward to watching your progress on it! I had a good new years eve, I never make it to midnight but it was still fun. And learning a new game while drinking? Bahh, forget it!

  2. Can't wait to see your 365 photos!
    I love Munchkin! It's a bit hard at first (and tipsy, I don't think most would get right off anyway. I wouldn't either). But it's LOADS of fun!


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