Wire Wrapping Musings

There were a lot of really awesome things that happened in 2014, but one of my favorites was learning how to wire wrap. It's a really big confidence boost to learn a new creative skill, and it's also a skill that I could have never foreseen myself being interested in before taking Metalsmithing class. It's interesting how life works out like this!

My inspiration to learn how to wire wrap stemmed from my deep admiration for my fellow classmate Dougal's wire wrapped jewelry. I had never seen anything like it in my life! The style really appealed to me because it had this fantasy/sci-fi type look to it, and it looked so difficult because of all the little details. No way could I ever learn how to do it!

It was nearing the end of the semester of Spring 2014, and I really wanted to do a trade to have one of my classmate's awesome wire wrapped pendants! We agreed to do a painting/pendant swap, but those plans fell through when he ended up not taking the summer class. I was bummed yet hopeful that he would at least return sometime in the future. In the meantime, I hesitantly decided to try teaching myself. If I got frustrated or it didn't go so well, I would just look forward to Dougal's possible return.

Since no one else I knew could wire wrap, I scoured the high seas of Google in search of a good tutorial. I came across more than a few before I settled on Gailavira's Carnival Pendant tutorial. I really love the swirly designs, as well as the highly detailed instructions and images. I bought some wire and used the only cabochon that I had sitting around to make my first pendant. Once I had made the basic enclosure for the pendant, I started to do my own thing and just experiment. A few hours later, I had done it! Though derpy and lopsided, it was the beginning of my love for wire wrapping.

First crack at it!
Second one. This one went to my friend, Lily!
I ended up making so many pieces over the summer! I started an Excel file right away to keep track of what I made, what materials I used, and if it sold. (So glad I did this early on.) The pendant that I just finished working on is officially #100! (That's since May of last year!)

One of the most appealing aspects of wire wrapping is the process. I almost never have a plan in mind of how the end result will look. It's fun to just play with the wires and find out where the 'flow' carries things. It's like a puzzle that I have to finish, but since I have no reference point, I have to figure out where everything goes while also making it look nice and hopefully clean.

Piece #98 
Piece #99 =)
This rumination on wire wrapping comes at a time in which I will have to set it aside for a few months. Advanced Watercolor class is starting next week, and I want to be able to devote enough time to it, without having other interests get too much in the way. Who knows, maybe I will sneak in a few wrapping sessions before summer break starts! We shall see. In the meantime, I still have a bunch of stuff listed in my Etsy shop. I appreciate all of the support for something that I love to do.


  1. You definitely have a gift for wire wrapping! Your very first piece looks as if it's been done by somebody who has been at it for years! It's a good idea to keep track of everything in an excel fire, I'd like to start doing that with for my Etsy shop, but I wish I would have thought of it sooner. Good luck with your watercolor class and I can't wait to see what new pieces you create in the future!


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