365: Days 23-42

In the whirlwind of trying to get my painting finished by the deadline, I completely neglected keeping the pictures I took organized. I did take pictures (almost) every single day, but lost track of which days they were for. So, as a result of this, I bring you a mish-mash of 19 days worth of pictures of random stuff.

I think one of the interferences is that I have such a set schedule, and deviating from it can be difficult to achieve due to family time and homework time. I thought it would be much easier to keep up with this task,  but it's actually a lot more difficult than I could have supposed. I frequently have to stop myself from the accidental repeat images. I need to expand my horizons. Hopefully future posts will reflect this!


  1. Wow that's your art work? Its just beautiful. I've tried to do photo challenges before, and I usually all enthusiastic for about a month before I get bored and start forgetting. I hope you are having better luck than me!
    - Sarah


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