Advanced Watercolor Proposal

Knowing I would take Advanced Watercolor class this Spring, I wrote up a proposal for what I wanted to work on. This would be my first time taking an art class in which we are not given a prompt, but rather we have to make up what our body of work would encompass. I had several ideas floating around, but decided on doing this. To be honest, I slightly regret picking this topic. It's really personal, and since I finished my first piece I've already received a lot of questions about it. However, I don't think I should let those fears or uncomfortable feelings stop me from exploring subjects when making art.

Advanced Watercolor Proposal
By Danielle Morgan

            Misconceptions run rampant when it comes to the idea of self-harm. It can be difficult to understand what would drive a person to hurt themselves. Using personal experience as inspiration, I aim to share some of the thought processes and feelings behind self-harm.
            Each piece will be on a full sheet of watercolor paper, cold press or hot press is to be determined. The subject matter will be accented by watercolor dyes in order to convey the emotional intensity with color.

Suicide Dream (mental self-harm/negative thinking)
This painting will focus on the suicidal fantasy, and how this fantasy is used as a visual cleansing of the self. This painting will be of a person with a gun pointed in their mouth, and an explosion of negative spirits will be coming out the back of their head.

Self-Harm Glorification (physical self-harm/harmful validation)
In some cases, self-harm can make a person feel like they are stronger. It can give a person a sense of control, as if they are able to manage their problems and emotions through self-harm. The painting will be of a person with visible bleeding, wearing an armor covered in blood. They appear to be confident and sure of themselves.

Pity Party (self-indulgence/preoccupation with negative thinking)
Getting caught up with consistently negative thoughts can perpetuate the self-harm behavior. This painting will be a tea party setting, but with only one person (the self-harmer). They will be surrounded by physical letters and notes of negative thoughts.

Over the Edge (complete mental breakdown/rock bottom)
This painting will focus on the visual interpretation of what hitting rock bottom feels like. Sometimes this involves extreme emotion coupled with a strong urge to destroy oneself. I plan on making this painting very abstract but with recognizable body parts and symbols. The disorganization of the piece will reflect the disorganization of feeling and thought.

Self-love & Comfort (attempt to empathize with self)

This painting will focus on an attempt to forgive oneself for self-harm, with imagery of a battered person comforting a baby version of themselves.


  1. I think art is such a great way to express difficult emotions! Sometimes when it's hard to put something into words, a picture can say it all.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for your support. =)


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