The Walking Dead

I avoided this show for the longest time. One of my reasons was the sheer overabundance of zombies in pop culture. I was quick to shun anything that became too popular out of speculation that it would not be breaking the mold of familiar story plots. I mean, zombies eating people? Out of every monster I can think of, zombies are the least scary to me. (Though I admit if it were the zombie apocalypse, or apocalypse-anything, I would be scared shitless.)

A couple of months ago I was browsing for something to watch on Netflix while working on my wire wraps, when I finally gave in. If I didn't like The Walking Dead, I could always turn it off, right?


I finished the first four seasons within a matter of three weeks. (School and work prevented me from the catatonic binge-fest I would have embarked on otherwise.) I was neck deep in this show, and realized that zombies weren't the main focus. One of my favorite aspects of The Walking Dead is the gradual changes in the character's personalities. None of the characters comes off as two-dimensional to me, which is a huge plus.

Also, through the power of Tumblr, I discovered a meme titled The Walking Dad. Many of them made me shed tears from laughter. "They" took one of the most emotionally charged scenes in the entire series so far - and then turned it into this:

I can't wait for the second half of the fifth season to start this Sunday! I will be armed with food, tea, and blankets.

Do any of you watch this show? Are there any other shows that you are currently into?


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