Angelina Jolie & Carl Sagan WIP

I've been trying to challenge myself and do more photorealistic drawings. A couple of weeks ago I drew Angelina Jolie as the character Maleficent, using only micron pens. It was a good practice with crosshatching, and I couldn't wait to start doing another one. Above is a picture of my newest drawing in progress. Again, I am using micron pens, and a picture of Carl Sagan for reference. It's been more of a challenge than the Maleficent drawing due to more crevices and shadows.

I will keep sharing these as I finish them. I hope that all this practice with crosshatching will pour over into my own work, and that I will get a better feel for how to draw and shade faces.


  1. These are amazing!!!
    I can't wait to see more! I cannot draw realistic people for the life of me...I try, but they always end up as some other person lol!

    1. Thank you, Joie! Yeah it's always a challenge drawing people. I admire those who can do it without a photo reference!


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