Where I'm at with college.

Long time, no post. I've been living life with all its twists and turns. A few things can be condensed into a nutshell, but I wanted to specifically elaborate on where I'm at academically.

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be graduating in Spring 2018. It's hard to imagine a finish line because I started going to college back in Fall 2011. It's taken so long to get through it because I spent many semesters only going part time. I was a lot less stressed out then, but in recent years have taken on much fuller workloads. I've never taken more than four classes, because four classes is my personal limit. Any more than that and it's so stressful that I have frequent mental breakdowns. Not worth it!

Last semester was especially stressful. A month in, I had to request months off of work so I could keep up with my homework and projects. Even so, I was still stressed out all the time and hardly slept. It felt so good to be done with it, and I spent a lot of time during winter break just working on art and enjoying the absence of deadlines.

This semester has been a lot less stressful in comparison. I'm taking three classes and two of them are studio classes, so I get to work on art projects most of the time. The other class is Asian Art, which requires a lot of reading but it's very manageable.

In addition to working on my projects, I've been preparing for a show that my friend Jade and I have coming up this week. Friday the 17th will be the opening reception for it, and I'm definitely both nervous and excited. Being around large groups of people can potentially cause me to shut down due to the social aspect of it, but I've been trying to work on that by going to gallery openings and exposing myself to that specific discomfort. ("exposure therapy")

Every now and then I get the urge to blog, but almost never follow through with it. Maybe I'll start updating more? Maybe!


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